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Are You Getting a Crown or a Bridge?

At Millard Hill Dental Health Center, our dentist may recommend fixed prosthetic devices to strengthen one or multiple teeth that have been damaged by decay or injury. If you're looking to improve the smile's shape, appearance, or alignment, crowns and bridges are durable, attractive, and designed to replicate the aesthetics and function of natural teeth. Crowns and bridges are two separate procedures but often combined. That's because a replacement tooth, called a pontic, attaches to the crowns that cover anchors for a dental bridge. To determine which treatment method is best for you, schedule a consultation in our Omaha, NE, office. Meanwhile, here's what to know.

Reasons to Consider Crowns and Bridges

At Millard Hill Dental Health Center, our Omaha, NE patients often choose crowns and bridges for different reasons. Crowns serve several purposes, like protecting a weak tooth from fracturing or restoring one that's already fractured. They can also replace large fillings when not enough natural tooth remains, attach a bridge, and cover dental implants, a poorly discolored or shaped tooth, as well as one that's had a root canal. On the other hand, dental bridges work when one or more teeth are missing to bridge the gap between them.

What's the Comparison Between Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are permanent solutions but unique in their own way - even though both achieve the goal of transforming your smile. Crowns are non-invasive tooth restorations that keep a dental bridge in place but have other advantages like enhancing the color, shape, and size of a tooth. Like dental bridges, they can also deliver a stronger bite. Dental bridges can fill in empty gaps, so you can smile with confidence once again. Our dentists can explain each of these procedures in detail during your visit to our Omaha, NE office.

To best identify if you'd benefit from crowns and bridges, our dentist will take x-rays and perform an oral examination during your initial visit. For more information about crowns and bridges as well as other services provided by Millard Hill Dental Health Center, visit our website.

Please call (402) 895-2085 for appointment scheduling with Dr. Paul Sheridan, Dr. Stuart McNally, Dr. Andrea Hall, or Dr. Laura Gordon in our Omaha, NE office.

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