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Teaching Your Children Proper Dental Habits

How your dentists in Omaha, Nebraska can protect your children’s dental health.

Your children deserve healthy smiles for life. One of the best ways to ensure healthy smiles is to teach them proper dental habits. The dentists at Millard Hills Dental Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska want to help you and your children enjoy great dental health.

So, what’s so important about teaching proper dental habits to your kids? What your kids do at home, on a regular basis is the key to great dental health. That’s because most dental problems including gum and periodontal disease, and tooth decay, are caused by the bacteria in the plaque on your child’s teeth. When your child is able to remove the plaque regularly and thoroughly, harmful bacteria levels remain low.

So, here’s how to teach your child proper dental habits. You need to:

Teach them to brush after each meal and before going to bed. You and your child need to face a mirror with you standing behind them. Have them watch as you gently brush their teeth in a circular motion, cleaning all surfaces of all teeth, and along the gumline.

Begin teaching to floss when your child is about 4 years old, and dexterity is good. Have them hold a hand mirror and watch as you gently floss their teeth, then have them demonstrate the technique back to you. A floss picks work well, and they also come in kid-friendly shapes, to get your child excited about flossing. When your child is older, around the age of 8, they should be able to floss without you helping.

Proper dental habits also include a children’s visit with your dentist and dental hygienist for a dental examination, x-rays, and a professional dental cleaning. Regular visits help your child understand the importance of taking care of their smile.

Help protect your child’s smile by teaching proper dental habits. To find out more about children’s dental health, call the dentists of Millard Hills Dental Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska at (402) 895-2085.

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